Because i have seen so many wrong „Guides“ and „How tos“ on how to empty the Recycle Bin automatically using Windows‘ built in task scheduler, here is the ultimate and correct Guide. And yes, the Screenshots are in German. You will get through it

1. Get your Keyboard

2. Open Start Menu

3. Type in taskschd

4. Switch to Task Scheduler Library and right Click on the empty space on the right and Create New Task

5. Name it. Select Run whether User is logged in or not. Select Run with highest privileges. You will be forced to enter your Administrators Password when saving the Task in the end.

6. Switch to Trigger. Create a New Trigger. There you can define, when the Task should run. I use it once a week on monday early morning.

7 Switch to Actions. Create a New Action. Select Start a Program. basically it should also run if you just enter cmd.exe in the Program/script field. But to be sure enter C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

8. Paste /c „echo Y|PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin -Force“ to the Add arguments field.

The -Force Parameter is essential. If you do not use -Force Power Shell waits for a Confirmation to empty the bin.

9. Apply the Acion with OK. Apply the Task with OK. Enter your Windows Administrators Password.

10. You can test it by right clicking on the created Task and selecting Run.


More on Parameters you can find at the official Microsoft Power Shell Documentation Website.