I love my old Thinkpad x121e. It’s small, quite lightweight and has a non glossy display. I also put in 4 GB extra memory (a total of 8 GB), a SSD and a 3G Modem. So my x121e is the ideal companion wherever i go. But there is a downside. The built-in AMD E-350 APU is slow; nowadays it’s very very slow.

I used to have Ubuntu GNOME installed on my Notebook. I like GNOME and on my Workstation it works very well and fast. But the thinkpad has annoying performance problems with this desktop environment.

After some research and consulting my twitter followers i tried Xubuntu which uses the xfce desktop environment.


Setup was fast and after installing all necessary applications and configuring the WWAN the Lenovo still works great. For sure it’s not that responsive like a quad core workstation with 16 GB of Ram, but it’s faster than before. Xfce is a lightweight and fast alternative although i still prefer GNOME it on my desktop.

But time for my x121e is running out. Browsing, office tasks, serving my servers is working well on the notebook. As for photo post-production with Darktable the little one runs out for breath. So i am looking for a replacement: ~12,5 inch non-glossy FHD display, a minimum of 8 GB of memory, SSD and WWAN. But there are not that many notebooks out there meeting my requirements.