Some months ago i was in a rage completely. My Nexus 5 was fucked up, not working stable with Cyanogenmod or the stock rom. It was horrible: bootloops, freezes and reboots. It sucked. After that i considered buying an iPhone, cause, yeah, iOS is a quite fast and stable piece of software.

But after all voice of reason told me to buy a LG G3*. It’s a quite nice phone. It has a pleasant size and it’s fast. It even has a exchangeable battery. But LG sucks at Software. The G3 still has Android 5.0 with all of its security flaws. As LG doesn’t install much crapware the stock rom is not that bad, but the vulnerability issues are quite a threat.

So i decided to root my LG G3 and flash custom recovery to install Cyanogenmod 12.1

By now i am happy with it. Gosh, it’s fast. Everythin works fine and i missed all the cool tweaks included in Cyanogemod. But within the last 24 hours the phone freezed and rebooted for one time too. I hope it was just a unhappy coincidence.

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