Mit Software zugeschissen



Einen Ottonormaluser muss das doch überfordern. Vielleicht ist das auch Absicht, kann man ihm doch einfach kostenpflichtige Software aufs Auge drücken.

Für mich ist das jetzt ärgerlich. Denn ich muss ein sauberes frisches Windows drüberinstallieren. Wäre es mein Notebook, hätte Windows nicht einmal die Gelegenheit gehabt zu booten.

Ekelhaft was ASUS da macht. Der Rest der Hersteller ist leider keinen Deut besser – Apple mal ausgenommen. Dass Microsoft diese Verschlimmbesserung des eigentlich recht flotten Betriebssystems duldet, verstehe ich selbst nicht. Dank Bloatware fühlt sich Windows dermaßen langsam an, dass es mich an eher an ein Atom Netbook erinnert, denn an ein ausgewachsenes Notebook mit Intel i5 CPU.

Three and a half years using linux based operating systems

I got in touch with Linux about 15 years ago. At this time some amateur tech magazines like PC Welt or Chip promoted SuSE Linux among others. Every few months CDs came together with the magazines. I was curious. I was disappointed on the one hand – why the hell weren’t there any serious games, just shitty clones? And i was excited on the other hand – yeah, a highly configurable desktop. I was a teenager, but in the end i was happy with Windows – priorities, you know.
A long time passed, every now and then i tried SuSE and Ubuntu just for fun, playing along with LiveCDs or installing Ubuntu on a pen drive to have my little system with me everywhere. It’s still working great.

About five years ago i bought a little MiniITX board with integrated Intel Atom CPU and 1 GB of Ram. Together with two hdds i set up a small file server at home, to store files on my network, and make it available e.g. for watching movies or listening to music. Windows XP was the operating system i used for this server. It was ok, it worked! But a Atom CPU and 1 GB of system memory are the bottom line for using Windows. Sudden freezes, crashes and a very slow data throughput were very frustrating. As there was no money to get new hardware, i decided to install an Ubuntu minimal system.

And these were my first days i really got in touch with command lines, setting up applications, editing config files, configuring the firewall, installing and configuring services, editing cron jobs and many more.

Today i have a Desktop system using Ubuntu with Gnome on a Gigabyte Brix*. I am working on UbuntuGnome on my Thinkpad x121e. On my HTPC Kodi is running perfectly on a AMD Fusion based nettop. I am also running a homefileserver, a new one with AMD APU, Raid, VMs and enough power to run services like Owncloud and Subsonic and to transcode mediafiles for portable devices on the fly. Finally i have a root server at Hetzner running my E-Mail and some websites (i am currently moving from Hosteurope to Hetzner).

But, i am still an amateur. I still have to google to get some tutorials or hints to solve problems. I am still very careful when editing config files, saving backups of them regularly. But the more often I am setting up and configuring services the easier it gets. There is no difference between Windows and (Ubuntu) Linux – just the way you configure some settings are different. Windows has a ton of buttons, sliders and checkboxes; linux a ton of config files.

But both communities are big, you get answers almost to all problems. On the plus side for Linux are various very well documented Wikis with the german Ubuntuusers Wiki leading the way  followed by the official Wiki for Ubuntu.

When working on Ubuntu with desktop environment – I prefer Gnome – I do not miss any Windows specific tools and programs, more precisely i am missing some essential features of Gnome on my Windows PC. I’m even starting getting along with Gimp (!). Darktable already has replaced Adobe Lightroom. Inkscape is a quite powerful vector graphics editor. Even games are getting more popular on Linux – thank you Valve.

I have a gaming PC running Windows 8.1 – it’s just for gaming. It’s a expensive but powerful gaming console. For now.

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Audio Playback Issues using Google Chrome 37 on Ubuntu

Today i suddenly had no sound within Google Chrome 37 on Ubuntu 14.04. There was no update or anything i initiated before starting the browser – it was the same configuration than the day before. But audio playback failed on YouTube and Netflix, with HTML5 and Flash content. Even the Ubuntu Sound Manager failed to list Chrome as an actively sound playing application, while Clementine Player and VLC appeared on the list.

Long story short, save your bookmarks, if you haven’t synced them yet, remove Chrome from your system. Head to Chrome Download Page and download the current 64-bit Beta. Why 64-bit? Well, the sound issue seems to be existing within the 32-bit version.

Then open your terminal, change to the Download folder and install Chrome by typing

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-beta_current_amd64.deb

Resolve dependency issues with sudo apt-get install -f

As I don’t know how far Adobe Flash is supported in 64-bit Chrome, keep in mind that it’s probably not working (i don’t like/use Flash).

Probably this workaround isn’t a sexy one, but as for me it’s working.